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Join Australian wellness chef and award-winning clinical nutritionist, Samantha Gowing, for an incredible gastronomic tourism experience.

Our food as medicine philosophy is perfect for all who want to discover the secrets of healthy cooking and living well.

Our courses are designed to leave participants feeling inspired, aglow, and equipped with an abundance of healthy recipes and business tips to take home.

So, get ready to embrace a healthy wellness business and take the first step towards becoming a wellness chef with Sam!

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What is an Executive Wellness Chef?

Introducing "The Wellness Chef" 100% Online Course

Welcome to "The Wellness Chef" – where culinary mastery meets holistic well-being! Join us in an immersive online journey designed to revolutionize your relationship with food and elevate your wellness through the art of cooking.

About the Course:

"The Wellness Chef" is an extension of our highly acclaimed live events, meticulously crafted to bring our signature experience directly to your kitchen. Led by the esteemed culinary expert, Samantha Gowing, renowned for her innovative approach to healthy and delicious cooking, this course is a transformative exploration into the fusion of nutrition, flavor, and wellness.

Learning outcomes:

  • 100% online: Engage in step-by-step learning from the comfort of your home. Learn to create delectable, nutrient-packed menus that nourish the body and tantalize the taste buds.
  • Holistic Nutrition Insights: Discover the secrets behind crafting meals that promote vitality, energy, and overall well-being. Gain valuable knowledge about ingredient selection, meal planning and creating balanced, wholesome recipes.
  • Benefit from Samantha Gowing's 35 year career in hospitality and nutrition as you navigate through wellness techniques and philosophies.

Who Is This For?

Whether you're a cooking enthusiast seeking to expand your culinary repertoire or someone on a quest for a healthier lifestyle through food, "The Wellness Chef" is tailored for you.

All skill levels are welcome – from beginners eager to learn wellness fundamentals to seasoned experts aiming to refine their techniques while prioritising wellness.

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Since leaving MasterChef Australia last year, I have been looking for ways to expand my food knowledge, particularly around ingredients and nutrition, there are so many claims out there and when your passion is feeding people, you want to make sure you’re getting it right, there was so much more I wanted and needed to know.

I gained so much from my work with Sam, it was the springboard for me to continue learning and she gave me such encouragement to remain on my career path. I look forward to working with Sam at any opportunity in the future, she is so motivating and genuinely interested – what a find.                                


Mandy Hall - MasterChef Australia

I have always been fascinated about what we consume can affect our health, being a mother of 2 with a busy family and working schedule, cooking freshly and tasty (and fast) has become key principles of my everyday cooking. 

Learning plant based diet and nutrition from Sam helped me massively to understand the combination of planet based food and about the future trend of food. This opportunity has led me into various different projects so thank you Sam!

Kuo Fang O'Connor - U.K.